How to organize monitoring of IT infrastructure

Today, assessing the experience of implementing "Umbrella" monitoring at large enterprises, experts predict an increase in the share of small and medium-sized businesses using the umbrella.

The umbrella monitoring system Controller is based on the newly developed ControlNet software platform. This is the first software platform capable of unlimitedly interacting with any equipment, even those that do not support the required standard interfaces.
To date, the Platform Controller has developed more than 1500 drivers for connecting equipment to more than 140 manufacturers. Moreover, these drivers are written in an open XML format and so any user can create new or modify existing drivers. For any non-standard interface, it is possible to convert it to SNMP, so that such equipment can interact with any third-party software solutions that support a standard SNMP interface.

Our specialists will consult and ideally "adjust" the Controller system to your standards, taking into account all the technological processes, tasks, weak and problematic places of the production process. Specialists in umbrella monitoring in communication